Freies Theater und Initiative zur Förderung des Figurentheaters
Intendanz des Internationalen Theaterfestivals PUPPEN SPIEL LEIPZIG

10th International Festival

Performances for adjults, families and children
from 10. till 23. Oktober 2001
at some locations in and around Leipzig

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Start for the "Other Theatre":
At 10. to 23. October will take place the 10th International Festival PUPPEN SPIEL LEIPZIG

One of the highlights is BAMBI with GREEN GINGER from Wales (UK).

New York Times: Psychologically astute and coustically comic... splendidly acted, eerie, funny and touching show

The Guardian: Green Ginger are at the forefront of the revolution in British puppetry

The Festival for the Theatre of Figures and Objects, that is arranged in Leipzig every year since 1992 by the THEATER IM GLOBUS under the stage management of Jost Braun, has set up in buisiness to a appreciated institution that is rich in tradition and is a great magnet for the interested visitors.
The festival has a excellent reputation among the participants and gets a large international resonance among the common but also the special audience.
The succes is founded in the concept of a festival with qualitative pretentious and also entertaining events for people of all ages, that presents likewise traditional theatre-technics and experimental kinds of theatre.
The PUPPEN SPIEL offers choosen highlights for the special admirers and cannoisseurs of this kind of theatre that is very insufficient respectively not often offered in a higher quality out of the festival in Leipzig.
This year you will find such succsessful and well-known groups like Green Ginger from Wales with Bambi" or KASOKA from Berlin with "Hin und weg - Ein Stück über das Verschwinden" (A play about disappearance), directed from Guyla Molnar...
Partners of the 10th festival are: Kulturamt der Stadt Leipzig, Sächsisches Staatsministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst, The Britih Council, Globus Galerie and Internetservice, Sparkasse Leipzig and Verein Leipziger Künstler und Kunstfreunde.

All dates of the festival you can find here on this website in july 2001.

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